I’m Kelsey Low. A Self Love Mentor, Host of Joyfully You Podcast, World Traveler, Sensitive Soul and TEDx Speaker. 

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I'm Kelsey Low, I'm here to teach you how to love, trust and honor yourself. Say goodbye to the days of questioning, overthinking, procrastinating... I'm here to teach you tools like meditation, journaling and intentions so you can feel on purpose and at peace. Let's get shit done, regulate emotions and have fun doing it.

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5-Day Meditation Challenge

Calm your Mind, Awaken your Peace. This 5-day challenge guides you through an easy guided meditation series. Hundreds of people have meditated for the first time with this challenge.

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G.L.O.W. Self Love Program 

A self love program for empathetic and ambitious women to achieve their goals and create unshakable confidence. Learn how to be the best version of yourself with spiritual alignment and bold action.

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I've been on a self love journey of learning to truly trust myself, go after my own dreams and create a life I love. The journey required me to leave toxic relationships, lose myself & become a corporate burnout. Finding myself was painful but necessary. I started over and followed my dreams of traveling around the world, starting my own biz and making a difference. It doesn't mean I don't have hard times, I do. The difference is, I have a tool box of ways to regulate emotions, reduce stress, holistically heal and take action on my dreams. Check out GLOW Self Love Program below to learn how. 


"…Reaching that level of self love, with the guidance of Kelsey and the other women, helped me achieve the self acceptance I was needing to really flourish in my professional life and relationships.”


Mandi from California,
Elementary School Teacher

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